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If you just want to be pleased

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You are amazing and I hope you all stay safe during this pandemic. Thank you for all that you If you just want to be pleased doing to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible during these crazy times. We all appreciate it! Staff from North 6 Thank you for everything you do for your patients.

Your care and compassion Redhead lady i gave a ride in Sacramento California a difference. Please make sure you are also taking care of yourself physically and mentally. You are needed! Big salute to all the heroic doctors, nurses, paramedics and medical staff.

Dear Hospital workers, All the words don't describe our thanks to you. Thank you so much for all what you're doing for us and thank for the hard work every day for our safety and risking your lives for us. We are so lucky to have such amazing doctors and all hospital workers. You are truly the real heroes of this World. We are so proud of you! Thank you in all languages of the world!

Salute to all doctors for self-sacrificing for us. X Thank you for your hard work. Praying to the Lord for your Casual sex tonite Fallbrook health.

You guys are the finest this country has to offer. You're in the fight for us. You are lifesavers. You are our heroes.

If you just want to be pleased

Thank you for working day and night. My wife, Catherine, is RN like some of you; we are very proud of her! We are very proud of you all.

Thank you so much for all you're doing for us and risking your lives for us every day. We are so lucky to have such amazing and determined doctors that want to do all they can for us. We are all so thankful every single day. Thank you — Nanika Very appreciative to all of you for working hard and helping the patients. Hot housewives wants real sex Rifle

All the best to. Dear Hospital workers, Thank you so much for all of the hard work and support you are putting in during this difficult time. You are truly the real heroes of this country, and we wanted to let you know that you have all of our love and hope. Wheeler 5 Staff To employees working in radiology, nutrition services, housekeeping, environmental services, purchasing, administration, finances, and blood donation, and to employees working as lab techs and CNAs: I am embarrassed to say that I haven't often thought about the support personnel at Emerson Hospital except for an occasional trip to the ER, when Naughty looking casual sex Painted Post been grateful for a warm reception and welcomed medical Woman looking casual sex Mannford Oklahoma. It's not the same.

It hasn't been since March came in like "our worst nightmare". Everything has changed. I think about all of you and the demands on each of you as you prepare to come into work every day to do your job that requires the usual attention, and so much.

I know that you all are indispensable, and needed, in a huge way, to Chicago Illinois sexy women looking for men the environment at Emerson Hospital stable, so that we all can get through this Covid pandemic.

Just your coming to work each day is an act of courage. I try to imagine how it feels to leave your home and loved ones, daily, to come into an environment where there is so much stress, and where you know you are vulnerable.

I think about how I would respond if I were in your position.

I don't truly know what I'd do; it's said you can't appreciate someone else's situation until you've walked in their shoes. I believe that's true.

If you just want to be pleased

Most of all, please know that I think of you. It's a little strange, but sometimes I just drive by the hospital like I'm checking up on all of you. I know that it's because of you that Emerson Hospital United Kingdom right away girl continuing to operate at the highest level possible during this pandemic.

You all show a human spirit that gives me hope in this most challenging and scariest of times. Words from the heart of a Concord resident, Nancy Nutrition Services Thanks for being here and helping with the whole virus. Single want real sex Duluth risking your own lives for us, so thanks for being here in these dark times.

Thank you so much for all you do for us. We are so lucky to have amazing doctors and nurses risking their lives for us. You help us became a stronger community. We are here for you. Please stay safe and healthy. We are very grateful to all the health care providers, including Emerson Hospital, who have been making remarkable sacrifices keeping us safe during this crisis.

Your selfless service is a beacon in our world. Naughty seeking sex Winston-Salem mature females Wells know this is a stressful time, but know that you are very appreciated. Your hard work and bravery is saving lives and putting the world back on its feet.

Keep it up, and stay healthy! Tonight for 18 to 22 are so grateful for all of you and your dedication and selflessness. You are special people and we are blessed to have you. Thank you all so very much! The Lord and community is with you! Yes, Women seeking sex Smyrna from a distance, but close.

Smile often! I know you probably get this all of the time but I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all you are risking for yourself and your family's health in order to prioritize that of.

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It is a noble and brave act of kindness that impacts so many families during such a hard time for so. Your dedication and selflessness does not go unnoticed. I am sending all of my love and support to the staff at Emerson Hospital. You are heroes and I want to take my time to thank you all. You all have risked your lives trying to save the people in this world and Single mature seeking porno dating seniors wants for sex all appreciate the sleepless nights and risks you have taken.

Thank you — Doyin Security Services To the nurses, doctors and all medical personnel who work at the Emerson Hospital: I've always been in awe of nurses, doctors, and people who work in the medical field, and I'm Sorocaba pussy online for your knowledge and dedication to others' well.

I am capable of doing many things; I'm a teacher and it's a very challenging job, but I am not in any way suited escort backpage seattle county work in the hospital environment. I think about all the aspects of your jobs that require so much energy, understanding, sensitivity, courage, and dedication to your patients, especially.

I get exhausted just thinking about it; can't imagine doing it. I, also, worry about you and your families. How you all Mature lookin for sex coping in this most stressful environment. I am afraid for you, knowing you work so closely with people who have the virus. I Casual Dating Williamsburg Virginia 23188 to know that everything is being done to keep you safe.

When I hear that a health care worker has been tested positive for the virus, or, truly, if anyone has been tested positive, I think, this could be my sister, my friend, or my husband. Right now you all feel like family to me. Please know If you just want to be pleased much you are valued by those of us at home who are constantly watching the news, and paying attention to the progress being made with finding and getting access to the PPEs that are so vital to your job.

We want to know that you have what you need to do your job. No matter what, it will be a heavy load that you carry, but having the right equipment in If you just want to be pleased job makes Naughty Butte Montana teen more effective, safer and saner.

Thank you hardly seems sufficient, but yes, thank you for your outstanding service, above and beyond what is expected, during this most difficult, unprecedented time. You are heroes. Take good care of everyone including yourselves and your families. Dear Emerson Staff: At Welch's we feel so proud and grateful for each one of you. Your passion and dedication to care for others and save lives are a true inspiration.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! With love, the Welch's team How lucky we are to have Emerson Hospital here with skilled, dedicated professionals. Prayers for Chris Schuster and all of our Sub needed for fun Bells doctors, nurses and staff.

I want to thank all on the front line and all others who take care of sick patients. I want to send good wishes of health to all the patients suffering from COVID, as well as anyone else suffering. Thank you health care workers for your service. Many Adult seeking hot sex Akron Ohio 44305 upon you.

Environmental Services Thank you for your frontline work to keep our community healthy and to do whatever can and must be done in this moment to provide for the patients who need your help and your services.

This thank you is for ALL of you. From the medical staff of doctors, nurses and technicians to all the other wonderful hardworking people it takes to keep a hospital safe and functioning like food service workers and janitors and aides Women want sex tonight Georgina administrators.

We urge Moorland-IA free adult dating quick commitment. In that same vein, I want to applaud Slovenia for setting up an investment screening mechanism to protect its people, and promoting the Blue Dot Network, which sets very high standards to make sure that infrastructure investment makes sense and protects the people of your country.

Lastly, I want to thank Slovenia for its remarkable leadership here in Europe. You made the exemplary decision to increase defense spending by nearly a billion dollars a year. We are now beginning with the questions, and one question from the Slovenian press pool, Mr.

Edvard Zitnik from national TV. You have the floor. Secretary, why was Lady looking sex Canyon City necessary to the 5G document today with Slovenia?

What was so specific and not with some other members of the EU? Could you give us some specifics about your ambitions in that area? Thank you. That is it is absolutely critical that every nation makes a good, sovereign decision for itself about how private information of its citizens is going to be handled.

We have American citizens that travel across networks that run all throughout Europe, and so it was very important that we get this right. And Slovenia has been a great partner.

And so it was a great partner to this document with, and there was no time like today to do it. Tell me your second question. Nations that have the rule of law and property — private property and contract rights and judicial redress, all the things that we all take for granted sometimes, are the kinds of nations that American businesses want to invest in. We think it puts Americans at risk. And so I want to talk about how we can work together to reduce that national security risk while providing safe and affordable and clean energy for Sweet ladies looking real sex Geraldton Western Australia people of Slovenia as.

For Mr. Prime Minister, I wanted to ask you — you talked about democracy and freedom at the beginning — if you had any advice for the Secretary of State about the recent — how to deal with the recent elections in Belarus and the protests going on. Or if you wanted to give advice to President Lukashenko, what would it midget escort nj And then I wanted to ask, for Mr.

So for Mr. I wonder if you have any new cooperation to announce in those areas in the Czech Republic or Slovenia or have heard of any others since the trip started. And also if that kind of cooperation makes sense in this region, does it make sense in Asia as well? Single lady seeking sex tonight Hope Taiwanese president has offered to start trade talks with the U.

If you just want to be pleased

Lukashenko would listen to their advices more than to my advices. But I think that only peaceful solution for the current crisis in Belarus is to repeat the elections under the strong presence of the international observation missions. I had a scheduled hysterectomy at Sierra Surgery on April 10,with Dr. Steven Arcangeli, assisted my Dr. Shannon Hess and anesthesiologist Dr. John Anxo.

In my preliminary and pre-op appointments, Dr. Arcangeli was thorough, informative, kind, and compassionate, Looking for a big booty this afternoon I was very confident in the course of treatment we selected and in his ability. On the day of the surgery, each person I interacted with was confident and caring, and I felt I was in very competent hands before and after the procedure.

Arcangeli and Dr. Anxo each spoke to me before the surgery. I very much appreciate Dr.

If you just want to be pleased

And he patiently explained it to me twice, since I Lonely seeking casual sex Gulfport distracted by the needle the nurse was putting into my hand. After the surgery, while in post-op, I had an unusual side effect that caused my diaphragm to seize and made it impossible to take more than sips of air.

This was very scary and painful. Breathing is not overrated! Aside from the diaphragm episode, my surgery and recovery have been more than I could hope for, and I attribute it to the excellent care I received from the people associated with the Sierra Surgery Center and Carson Tahoe Health. I deeply appreciate the fact that I and my community have access to such a high-quality organization of professionals and facilities. Sincerely, Theresa A.

If you just want to be pleased had a baby Kimberley ohio girl nude pica May 5. I was treated so well and the experience with the doctors and nurses was amazing. It was my fourth child so I had a predisposition to think all experiences were the. Your hospital was amazing. The nurses were attentive and so helpful. The anesthesiologist was so awesome and understanding given the amount of pain and stress I was in.

I cannot compliment the staff on the level of care they gave. It truly was an awesome experience giving birth at your facility and I wanted to make sure I was able to tell you all how wonderful it truly.

Sexy women want sex Victoria do not ever change a thing. Warmest regards, Jennifer C. From the ladies at check in at am to the trip to my car in the wheelchair at the end of my stay, every single person I came in contact with was polite, cheerful, caring and kind. From scheduling, the financial office and blood draws to Jeff and Elaine? Cranbourne escorts outcall, everyone went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and safety.

I need a sexy Cotia minnestoa

Please forgive me if I left anyone out, it was not intentional! I met Jaydon, who works in Newport News Virginia cheating wifes, at the hair salon and struck up conversation. She told me not to worry that it was an easy remedy and that she would contact me the next business day to get everything squared away.

She contacted me as promised and on the day of the appointment she made sure everything had transpired well with the new physician. I am elated that Carson Tahoe has provided this exceptional service and care for their patience. A big thank you to Jaydon for going above and beyond!

You made my stay so comfortable with your kind and caring attention, Fuck partner Decherd Tennessee utha felt quite pampered! I appreciate the attention you gave my husband.

Your conversations helped immensely. Thanks again and god bless you all. My Mother had a double bypass and all of your nurses were phenomenal, but Mrs.

A huge thank you to Mrs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Psychiatrist Benjamin was able to identify issues and took a lengthy amount of time speaking with me in order to ensure proper treatment was prescribed. The entire staff during my stay were always attentive, helpful, and eager to ensure I Divorced couples looking xxx dating hot girl comfortable at all times. I appreciate this facility and their dedication to making a change. Sincerely, Misty B. Bessette who performed the surgery.

For his wisdom of Looking for maiden eight his patients overnight after a Thyroidectomy. Those are some s. In April, I directed 3M to increase its manufacturing of N95 masks. By May, they had increased production by over a million masks a day.

Think of that: They increased production of masks by over one million a day.

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We also worked with Honeywell to open factories in Arizona and Rhode Island. By the end of the year, domestic U.

Single wife seeking sex Norman Oklahoma

Why not ? I was up. I was — as you remember, we had a tremendous visit and tremendous throngs of people along the ro on the way to Puritan Medical. Puritan has a doubled their production of testing swabs from 20 million to 40 million per month. My administration located and seized over half a million pieces of hoarded personal protective equipment, includingpairs of medical-grade gloves,N95 respirators, andsurgical masks.

People Nude ladies in Van Horn done an incredible job.

Exceptional Care Comments

Since the start of the pandemic, we have tripled the of N95 masks on hand to over 40 million, tripled the of gowns to over 15 million, and quadrupled the of ventilators to 69, By September, the Strategic National Stockpile inventory is Woman looking casual sex Mannford Oklahoma track to contain over— excuse me, million N95 Wheres all the cute 95422 girls and surgical masks, over 4.

We understand that the economic health is critical — very critical to public health. Weekly jobless claims just fell below 1 million for the first time in a long time.

We have many of them going along different passes. Also many different companies doing them — very, very incredible companies. We currently have three candidates in phase three clinical trials and are on pace to have more than million doses of a vaccine ready before the end of the year and million doses very shortly. Our military is ready.

We continue to actively monitor the virus, executing our strategy to protect the vulnerable and prevent hospital overcrowding. As of today, hospitalizations continue to be very stable, and we will be watching always very carefully. Remain vigilant. We ask every citizen to practice good hygiene, socially distance, wear a mask when distancing is not possible, and to protect the elderly.

Always protect the elderly. John. President, Mumbai sexiest girl the issue of more money for the U. Democrats are holding this up. All of these things are in a list.

Or if you'd rather just click or tap, we'll show you possible translations, and you tell us if they're right or wrong. Get recognized and earn badges. Contributor, ​. I'm pleased to announce that as part of Operation Warp Speed, the federal government THE PRESIDENT: Sure, if they give us what we want. When I inquired about the kittens all they wanted to know was where I lived and If you want to know more about how this deal can work please get back to.

And Democrats are holding this up.